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Table games

Texas Hold 'em Bonus

Texas Hold 'em Bonus

The object to the game is for the player to achieve a higher five-card poker hand than the dealer, according to the standard rules of poker.


the To start the game, each player must place an ante wager prior to the dealer announcing "No More Bets". The player may also place an optional bonus wager at this time based on the player's initial two cards against a posted paytable. The outcome of the bonus wager has no bearing on any other wager placed by the player. Each player and the dealer will be dealt two cards face down.

After players view their cards, players have the option to fold and forfeit their ante or place a flop wager in an amount equal to two (2x) times the amount of the ante wager. The dealer shall burn a card and deal three cards face up to the area designated for the flop. Flop cards are community cards that may be used by all players and the dealer to complete their hands. Players then have the option to place a turn wager in an amount equal to the ante or check (not place a wager). The dealer shall burn a card and deal a fourth community card face up to the area designated for the turn. The players have another option to place a river wager in an amount equal to the ante or check. The dealer burns a card and deals a fifth community card face up in the area designated for the river.

The dealer shall turn his or her two cards face up and determine the best five-card poker hand using any combination of his two cards and the five community cards. The dealer shall then turn each player's two cards face up, evaluate the best five-card hand using the player's two cards and the five community cards and compare that hand to the dealer's five card hand.

If the dealer's five card poker hand beats the player's hand, the dealer collects the ante, flop, turn and river wagers. If the player hand beats the dealer's hand, the dealer shall pay all ante, flop, turn and river wagers. Ante wagers shall only be paid if the player's winning hand is a flush or higher. Winning ante, flop, turn and river wagers are paid 1-to-1. If the player's hand and the dealer's hand are of equal rank, the hand is a push.

Optional Bonus Wager

Winning optional bonus wagers are settled after all other wagers.
Winning optional bonus wagers payouts are as follows:

Player's Two Card Hand Payout Odds
Ace-Ace 30 to 1
Ace-King (suited) 25 to 1
Ace-Queen or Ace-Jack (suited) 20 to 1
Ace-King (unsuited) 15 to 1
King-King, Queen-Queen or Jack-Jack 10 to 1
Ace-Queen or Ace-Jack (unsuited) 5 to 1
10-10 through Two-Two (pair) 3 to 1

*Winning bonus wagers are paid regardless of whether or not the dealer's hand beats their hand. There is a $50,000 maximum payout per player per hand on all winning ante, flop, turn, river and bonus wagers.

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