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Fri-Sun, Sept 26-28


Trump Entertainment welcomes K10SOCON to host the First Global Social Media Convention for USERS, at Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey,  USA. Together, Trump Taj Mahal and K10 Corp are deleting the old convention formats, by focusing on events and activities that develop social media USER’s personally and professionally, so they can update their communities into hybrid “physiV communities.”

USERS who attend SOCON will be exposed to Earth’s virtual reality, where billions of people conduct business and share their lives each day. Making friends online was once a “taboo” and “dangerous” activity. Today, making friends online is essential for success long term success. Billions of people have made ture meaningful and authentic friends online, and thousands of friends are coming to Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City to meet for the very first time. This is the social media event of the century.  

SOCON attendees, whether they are active USERS or potential social media USERS will enjoy:
Personal Development Best practices to discover role models, set goals, develop relationships and build on success.
Professional Development  Turn “Free Hobby Online Time” into “Money Earning Time”
Community Development - “physciV” How to integrate technology into non-tech communities.
Scheduled virtual meet and greets with people from around the globe. Confirmed HOA’s will have open channels to the Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Australia!
FMOF (15 Minutes Of Fame)  
One camera, one live feed, and 15 minutes on the clock. This is your chance to show the world what you have to offer. Times are scheduled in advance, and open call if there is any remaining time available or no-shows.
We are the associated press for social media, and this is our first international meeting.  
Recognizing Positive Individual and Group Contributions to the Social Media Community.
Professional Designations, Social Network Correspondent, Social Network Editorial Writer, Social Network Community Leader    
Universal Social Media Code of Ethics and Standards Published  
SOCON recognizes the ever changing landscape of the internet, the need to establish a universally recognized code of ethics and standards. This document will be created at SOCON, and reviewed at each SOCON event throughout the world.

"Trump Taj Mahal is proud to be the host site of SOCON, the first global social media convention for users," said Kathleen McSweeney, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Trump Entertainment Resorts. "Social media has forever changed how we define our friends, our celebrities, our business partners and even ourselves. SOCON will bring thousands of people together - in person at the Taj - who previously have only interacted virtually. Plus, there is an interactive global component that will tie it all together worldwide."

KrisTen Slevin, Co-Founder Producer of SoCon, when asked about SoCon said, “SOCON is the event of the social media age. We are defining social media roles and responsibilities, creating a unified voice for USERS, building relationships with hardware, software and internet data providers, all while enjoying the best of entertainment and style, at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel!”

SOCON Member Registration: Registration Online $60 Games Registration $25 at

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