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Calendar of events


Fri-Sun, Sept 26-28


SOCON the First International Social Media User Convention
SEPTEMBER 26 27 28
SoCon is for people with passion for a topic or a cause.  People who want to lead, but don’t know how.  People who want to build those connections for their cause but aren’t sure where to begin.  The workshops and topics all center on leadership, both personal and social.

The catalyst may be the revitalization of community, reinvigorating a city such as Atlantic City, encouraging and assisting a civic group, etc. SoCon is about the skills and ideas that can empower a person to pursue that cause.  It’s strategic as well as tactical; things to do as well as things to avoid.

The key for success is the constant reinforcement of small changes made overtime. Using examples such as, Ingress, an augmented reality game,  to show how communities can be built, but also how they can be damaged. Community building and leadership is more than a platform, like Facebook or Twitter. People do not need to be social media experts, or even technology inclined, to use the strategies.

The Idea Pump, will lead the following workshops:
Creating Virtual Teams
More than ever we are able to leverage the skills and knowledge of people from all over when it comes to our projects and ideas. Building a virtual team takes more than just finding people. It takes planning and tools to make things happen more efficiently than they could ever happen before. This session will focus on tools, strategies, and suggestions when it comes to turning your group into a virtual team.

Building Communities Online
Social Media has brought us together more than ever before in history. Building communities around common interests and objectives happens all the time. But how do you keep those communities thriving and growing? What does it take to increase participation while helping everyone benefit while mitigating the risks that come from human nature. This session will focus on ways to set up a community online, moderation, promotion, growth, and evolution. If you’re part of a group or have a passionate interest in a topic, then online communities are something likely in your future.

Forming a Mastermind Group
Mastermind groups can assist you professionally as well as personally in keeping you on track with achieving your goals. A team of mentors and collaborators can make all the difference when it comes to success. In the mindset of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” we will discuss the idea of a mastermind group and how you can form one to help achieve the goals you set. We will cover what a mastermind group is and is not, how you can start one, and what it takes for one to be successful.

Turning Ideas into Actions
Every success begins with an idea but it doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately so many ideas never get out of the idea stage because of a lack of direction on how to move to the next steps. This session we will discuss a number of different techniques for giving your ideas body and determining your next steps so you can turn a concept into completion. These techniques will include methods from project management, ideation, brainstorming, mindmapping, and more all with the focus on helping getting your ideas in motion.

K10 Corp, will lead the following workshop:
Reduce Advertising Expenses by Playing Games
Is your advertising budget becoming too much to handle? Do you feel like you are getting lost in the mix and your advertising is not translating into more sales? If so, it is time to change. Now is the time to step away from your competition by arming yourself with “the eye” to identify new technologies, like Ingress. We will demonstrate how to use Ingress and other free applications to drive traffic to your location. This will reduce your advertising budget, while increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

General: $85 per person

Atlantic City Residents Special:
Complimentary access to Grand Ballroom when you register for 1 workshop. After you register for your workshop of choice, we will confirm receipt and add your name to the guest list. You must present a business card and proof of residency to pick up your SOCON pass. Additional workshops $10 each. Space is limited. Don’t wait! Visit to get started.

Trump One Card Holder Special:  
Complimentary access to Grand Ballroom and workshops. You must reserve your space on and present your Trump One card to attend. Space is limited.