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Spa & Salon Packages

Signature Package $520
75 minute Hot Stone Massage
Holistic phyto-aromatic radiance facial (1 hour)
Wash & Blow-dry
Manicure, Pedicure and Body Scrub

Board Meeting Package $365
50 minute Body Polish Scrub
50 minute Aromatherapy Massage
One Hour Facial

Chairman of the Board Package $310
50 minute Deep Tissue Massage
Long-lasting, deep hydrating facial (1 hour)
Paraffin Manicure

CEO Package $260
50 minute Swedish Massage
Quick fix mini facial (1/2 hour)
Manicure and Pedicure

Shareholder Package $250
25 minute Swedish Massage
Mini-Facial (1/2 hour)
Scalp Massage
Paraffin Treatment

Executive Retreat Package $175
50 minute Swedish Massage
Manicure and Pedicure

Couples Style $520
50 minute Couples Massage
Couples quick fix mini facial (1/2 hour)
Manicure & Pedicure for two

*Spa and Salon Packages are only available Monday-Thursday.

Specialized Services

Swedish Massage

A unique blend of relaxing, light to medium massage strokes, using oils and lotions. Perfect for soothing tired muscles and stimulating circulation.

  • 25 minutes - $65
  • 50 minutes - $95
  • 80 minutes - $125

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

A deep-tissue massage designed for individuals wanting a more detailed treatment, working on specific muscle groups to aid in joint mobility and flush metabolic waste from muscle tissue.

  • 50 minutes - $120
  • 80 minutes - $160

Aromatherapy Massage

A special blend of essential oils are applied, using sliding and kneading strokes and pressure point techniques that will calm stressed nerves, uplift spirits, and rejuvenate your entire body. Aromas are diffused into the air to create the perfect environment.

  • 50 minutes - $120
  • 80 minutes - $160

Hot Stone Therapy

Smooth, heated basalt stones are incorporated into a relaxation and deep tissue massage using aromatic essential oils

  • 75 minutes - $160


An ancient therapy using pressure points in the hand and foot to treat the body.

  • 25 minutes - $65

Couples Massage

Side-by-side Swedish massages.

  • 50 minutes - $190